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  • Daniella and Anella beekeepers

While curating our Mother's Day gift sets, we discovered a sweet Mother/Daughter duo who have turned their love for bees into an artisanal honey company, Anellabees. We're delighted to feature Anellabees wild clover honey and bee-friendly wildflower seeds in our exclusive gift sets.

Anellabees was inspired by a curious little beekeeper and her mother's passion to create a honey-based candy with quality ingredients.

Anella holding a beehive

Anellabees - Meet the Keepers

We invite you to discover Anellabees, one of our carefully curated partners that ensures bee-utiful gifting this Mother's Day.

Meet Anella, a naturalist at heart and a mini beekeeper extraordinaire! She's been helping her parents look after the hives since the age of two and loves dreaming up new ways to care for her bees and share her fondness for honey and homemade candy with her family and friends. After all, Anella knows that there's nothing better than a treat made by bees, enjoyed with the ones you love.

Anella and her mother, Danielle, decided to start making natural candies from their wild clover honey and now craft a variety of sweet treats as they promote bee-friendly practices.

Danielle and Anella making honey candy in the kitchen

Planting Seeds of Sparkle this Mother's Day

We sat down with Danielle - the mother behind Anellabees, to get to know her a little better.

What motherhood mean to you?

"Motherhood is a series of contradictions. Every day is a new opportunity to watch my children grow and see their worlds expand, yet I still miss the simplicity of when they were little. It's sad knowing that once each stage has passed, you'll never get to experience it again, but I'm even more excited to see the amazing people my children will eventually become."

What inspiration have you taken from generations of mother's before you - your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother?

"My mother has been carefully researching our family history for more than thirty years, and I've learned so much about my family legacy through her. Hearing stories about what the women who formed me have endured and how they carried their defeats, their strengths, and their joy inspires me daily as I raise my daughter. Just as my mother did for me, I want to encourage my daughter to explore her interests and develop a strong sense of self. Wherever she ends up, I want her to recognize that there is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows what she wants and has the skills to achieve it!"

How are you celebrating your mother this Mother's Day?

"I'll be with my family and my mother, of course! We plan to cherish our time together, get outside to enjoy the spring weather, and maybe check in on the queens in our beehives to wish them a happy Mother's Day of their own!"

Anellabees logo with wildflower seeds and honey

Bee-utiful Gifts for Mom

We're delighted to feature Anellabees wild clover honey and bee-friendly wildflower seeds in our exclusive Mother's Day gift sets.

2017 Estate Brut with glass, garden tools & tote, garden book, wildflower seeds

Bubbles & Blooms

She’ll get growing with our exclusive set of essential gardening tools and canvas tote, a packet of Anellabees bee-friendly wildflower seeds, a “Grow Green” mindful gardening book, and—for a bit of post-gardening sparkle—a bottle of our classic 2017 Estate Brut.

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2018 Brut Rose with 2 glasses, tea forte set, and Anellabee honey with dipper

Garden Tea Party

She'll happily sip from from morning 'til night with this thoughtful ensemble! A bottle of our award-winning 2018 Brut Rosé accompanies an elegant assortment of organic Tea Forté sachets, a jar of artisanal Anellabees honey, and a classic wooden honey dipper. A sweet gift for the mom who loves to sip in the sun and shade.

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