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It’s that magical time of year when all our meticulous work in the vineyards rewards us with a beautiful new vintage! This year we are celebrating our 35th Harvest at Domaine Carneros.

2021 Harvest Celebration

A Beautiful New Vintage is Underway

We’ve just finished picking the last of our grapes, and our 2021 wines have begun their evolution in our cellar. Here’s a recap of the 2021 Harvest by the numbers:

The 2021 Harvest started on August 5th with the picking of our Pinot Gris and ended on September 16th with our Pinot Noir.

Per tradition, we bless the first bin picked with a bottle of our Estate Brut sabered by Sparkling Winemaker Zak Miller.

Sparkling Winemaker Zak Miller is giving this vintage an A+, with lower yields and wonderful concentration of flavors.

Our 2021 sparkling wines will undergo a minimum of three years of evolution and aging before it will be ready for your glass in 2024!

Our Winemakers Share Notable Harvest Memories...

"It is hard to believe that this is my 28th harvest! Over the years, I’ve found that for me anticipation really builds starting with veraison. It’s then that I begin getting into the mindset of harvest, and there are a few subtle things that I like to do. The first is to sharpen my thinning shears. These will be in hand for all vineyard visits, so that any cluster that is not up to par can be quickly and cleanly removed and grape samples can be taken to taste and assess their maturity. I am a big coffee drinker, but during harvest I switch to black tea. Eliminating the acid from the coffee sharpens the palate, and makes it a tiny bit easier to taste all of those grapes which have plenty of their own acid. As I reflect on the growing season and start to formulate a harvest strategy it is nice to search for other inspiration. I do this by diving into the wine cellar to taste my own wines as well as those from colleagues to refresh and fine tune the aesthetic goals of each wine as it relates to the coming vintage. It is almost a subconscious process as thoughts of the different ranches and clones move about like so many mental puzzle pieces. It is nice to have a game plan even if it has to be modified when the grapes start flying! Fingers crossed for all of my friends and colleagues to have a safe and successful vintage!"

-Still Winemaker TJ Evans

“Sleep isn’t something winemakers get a lot of during harvest, and I distinctly remember falling asleep while performing a pumpover late one night, which could have been disastrous if I hadn’t woken up when I did! We were pumping wine from the bottom of the tank over to the top, in order to wet down the cap of grapes that rises to the surface when making red wine. It’s a little monotonous, and I was really tired, and I must have fallen asleep while I was holding the hose at the top of the tank. Pumpovers are performed with a fire hose, and the wine is coming out at a pretty high volume so it could have been a really messy and expensive accident. Thank goodness the French intern at the bottom of the tank yelled my name a few times. I regained my bearings and was left to wonder how long I was out, and how the hose miraculously stayed in the tank!”

-Sparkling Winemaker Zak Miller

Cheers to the 2021 vintage!