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  • Host a virtual dinner party

Celebrate virtually!

Hopefully, we’ll be hosting in-person dinner parties in the not-too-distant future. Until then, a virtual wine tasting or dinner party is the next best thing. Here are our pro tips for throwing a spectacular stay-at-home sparkling soirée.

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Bottle of Estate Brut by couch

The Invitation

Make your invitation especially festive by sending each guest a bottle of our Estate Brut or a special sparkling cocktail ingredient like our Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup. You can even print your invitation message on our Chateau gift card!


The Mood

Encourage everyone to dress up and use their table finery. Support a local musician; hire them to serenade your virtual cocktail hour.

Food Delivery

The Menu

Support your favorite local restaurant by coordinating a multicourse take-out menu in advance. Your guests can then pick-up and pay the restaurant directly. If you’re an ambitious home chef, deliver prepared meals to your friends’ doorstep, ready to heat and serve. And, don’t forget to order your wines ahead of time. $1 standard shipping through May makes it easy!

Virtual Party with Sparkling Wine

The "Venue"

The Houseparty App is a fantastic way to video chat with multiple friends and play party games—everything from virtual “Pictionary” to “Name that Tune” to trivia contests.