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  • Magnums and More

Congratulations on receiving your large-format wine, it's time to celebrate! Here's all you need to know about to serve and enjoy large-format wines.

Chill It Out

The larger the bottle, the longer it takes to chill so you will definitely want to prepare ahead of the corking!

Magnum (1.5 L)
The best way to chill your sparkling magnum is to place it in a large bucket of ice for about 25 minutes. If you need to hurry things along, we recommend using a lot of ice, plenty of rock salt, and add a little water.

Jeroboam (3L)
Recommended chilling procedures for a Jeroboam is 24 to 26 hours at 42°F in a large cooler with ice.

Methuselah (6L)
Get out the biggest cooler around for this even larger format! The recommended chilling is 72 hours at 42°F .

Grab Your Glassware

Magnum (1.5L)
A magnum is equivalent to 2 750ml bottles and 8 full glasses

Jeroboam (3L)
A Jeroboam is equivalent to 4 750ml bottles and 16 glasses

Methuselah (6L)
A Methuselah is equivalent to 8 750ml bottles and 32 glasses