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  • CEO Remi and founding winemaker Eileen seated at a table with a bottle of Le Reve and two glasses of sparkling wine

In celebration of International Women's Day, we're excited to share our ongoing initiatives to promote equality and inclusion. Visionary female leadership has made Domaine Carneros what it is today, and we'll never stop working to encourage the diverse leaders of tomorrow.

2022 Mentorship and Scholarship Programs

Domaine Carneros is pleased to provide programs of mentorship and scholarship for deserving diverse professionals seeking training and financial support to grow professionally within the wine industry.

Grounded in the winery’s philosophy of visionary female leadership, CEO Remi Cohen framed out Domaine Carneros' commitment to the advancement of diversity, via several programs. The goal? To offer diverse professionals the pathways to success for realizing their career goals.

We have partnered wtih Bâtonnage Forum, to launch Level Three of their Mentorship Program, which equips candidates to enter and grow in the wine industry by creating hands-on work opportunities.
Domaine Carneros and Bâtonnage Forum co-created a custom-built job placement at the winery, which started in January and will conclude in November 2022. Level Three of the Bâtonnage Mentorship Program builds upon the networking, guidance, and education offered in Levels One and Two to give mentees a more in-depth, career enhancing experience. The program aims to provide access to departmental heads and exposure to hands-on work, while providing an environment where mentees feel empowered to ask questions, grow, and gain full operational knowledge.

Of this program, CEO Remi Cohen stated, "We are excited to be supporting something of this importance. The tenets of the Bâtonnage mission align with our business philosophy to support, encourage, and provide pathways to success for our team. We have a history of women in leadership at Domaine Carneros and now at our founding company, Champagne Taittinger, and are thrilled to partner in this mentorship opportunity." For more information about Bâtonnage Forum and the Mentorship Program, contact Katie Canfield at

About Bâtonnage Forum

Founded in 2018 by Stevie Stacionis and Sarah Bray, Bâtonnage Forum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a community for all those who identify as women working in the wine industry. In addition to the annual forum—which educates about the unique challenges and opportunities that women in the field have faced historically and present-day—the platform encompasses a mentorship program, designed to create a positive course forward wherein individuals who have traditionally been overlooked or spoken overachieve equal opportunities and equal representation across all sectors and tiers of the industry. For more information and to join the conversation, visit Bâtonnage Forum's website.

Domaine Carneros is in partnship with Bâtonnage Forum to foster women leadership in the wine industry by providing a hands-on mentorship to deserving applicants. Our current mentee, Briana Lee, is learning all inner workings of our winery - from desk work to vineyard work.

Batonnage Mentee Briana sitting in the vineyard full of mustard seed flowers

Briana Lee, 2022 Bâtonnage Mentee

"I'm learning the backbone of a business, and I am tremendously impressed with the welcoming sense of teamwork and support. I am so excited and confident that this mentorship will continue to expose, nurture, and guide my skill set to become an inspired force in the industry."

Bottle of Le Reve with sparkling wine being poured into a glass

Le Rêve "The Dream" Scholarship

In addition to the mentorship program, the winery is working closely with the University of California at Davis and the Culinary Institute of America, collaborating on scholarships and mentor programming to support aspiring students. The scholarships are called the Le Rêve "The Dream" Scholarship after the winery's eponymous prestige cuvée. The UC Davis scholarship focuses on graduate enrollees in the Viticultural and Enology program. Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0, earning a graduate degree, and who are committed to promoting diversity and sustainability in the wine business, will be awarded scholarships. The winery has committed to a total of four Le Rêve scholarships at UCD over the next few years. The first will be awarded this fall, for more information on the program please contact Karen Block at

Domaine Carneros is also creating a Le Rêve Scholarship program for students in The Culinary Institute of America’s master's degree program in Wine and Beverage Management. Beginning in March 2022, the four-year commitment will award one scholarship each year to an individual whose application essay demonstrates a commitment to supporting diversity and sustainability in the wine industry.

"Our team at the winery is excited about mentoring and supporting the future leaders of our wine industry by collaborating with like-minded partners. We are glad we can be a part of making dreams a reality." - Remi Cohen, CEO of Domaine Carneros.