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It's National Gardening Day, the perfect excuse to get outside and dig in. From that natural dose of Vitamin D to a boost of serotonin, gardening is an excellent way to lift your spirits and bring more beauty to your world.

Profound Health Benefits of Gardening

Article by Gordon Clark, Extension Master Gardener from University of Vermont.

"Of course no one needs to tell (you) about the benefits of being outside after a long winter, but science is filling in the how and why." - Gordon Clark

"Fresh Air - Studies have shown fresh air is good for cleaning the lungs, improving circulation, and providing greater energy and vitality. Increased oxygen intake helps boost brain levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter nicknamed the "happy chemical" because it combats anxiety and depression and helps maintain a healthy emotional state and general well-being.

Sunlight - UV rays in sunlight are known to kill and surpress germs and bacteria. Upon exposure to sunlight, the skin metabolizes Vitamin D, the only major vitamin produced this way. Vitamin Dis essential for numerous body functions, and sunlight has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve bone strength and brain functioning. Not surprisingly, sunlight also provokes the brain to produce serotonin, which is why sunlight is an effective anti-depressant.

Soil - Any gardener can tell you that the health of a garden and its plants is bound up in the diverse abundance of microbial life in the soil. Some microbes are bad (pathogens), but most are either benign, or in fact, necessary for increasing nutrient uptake by the plants, decomposing organic matter, controlling disease and numerous other basic soil functions. We know that exposure to soil microbes, particularly in childhood, helps to build a more robust immune system and resistance to asthma and allergies.

Physical activity - Gardening and landscaping activities provide moderate to vigorous physical activity, particularly when most of the work is performed using hand tools. It's a form of stealth exercise in which you are lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling and stepping without even realizing it. Gardening provides health-enhancing, weight-bearing exercise that increases caloric expenditure, builds strong muscles and bones and supports balance and endurance.

Because gardening gives you the opportunity to grow (fresh food). Nothing maintains your immune system and general health and energy like fresh fruits and vegetables, which are most nutritious right after harvest.

Get your gardening on!"

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