2019 Hyde Vineyard Merlot

The Carneros area is planted overwhelmingly with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, at 51% and 44% of the total acreage, respectively. And this is not without good reason as the climate is ideal for these two grape varieties. However, Carneros is a special, if not magical place for Merlot. A place where the grapes can hang deep into October, developing additional layers of ripeness without losing freshness or acidity. We are very fortunate to work with grower Larry Hyde, who has been growing grapes in Carneros for over 40 years. Block #38 features a selection of Merlot from the historic "Three Palms" vineyard planted on St. George rootstock. The quadrilateral cane configuration opens up the canopy for light penetration, and we leave only 1-cluster per shoot, so each grape hangs freely, never crowded by its neighbor. The yields are minuscule.

Tasting Notes

Exotic dark fruits predominate on the nose with blackberry cobbler, black tea, coastal berries, and fern. The hits keep on coming with the palate delivering crushed rock, followed by notes of tobacco leaf, and more savory fruit. Taste a bit of Carneros history from this duly famous vineyard.

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Food Pairings

Our 2019 Hyde Vineyard Merlot pairs beautifully with rich meats like grilled rib-eye or baby lamb chops, but also with classic French ratatouille.

Varietal Composition

Vintage: 2019
Varietal: 100% Hyde Vineyard Merlot
Acid: 0.47g/100ml
pH: 3.71
Alcohol 14.8%

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Daily Toast

The first obligation of a great wine is to be delicious.
—Eileen Crane, Founding Winemaker