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2013 Brut Rosé

Rosé wines are often believed to be made only from Pinot Noir, but the best, including ours, have Chardonnay added for structure. In creating our Rosé, we worked to create a wine of great balance, but at the same time, emphasizing fruity and floral characteristics to a greater extent than is evident in the Brut or Le Rêve.

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We made this wine by leaving part of the Pinot Noir juice in contact with the skins for three days during harvest. A warm toastiness evolves from this lees contact and combines with the ethereal Pinot Noir fruit character. As the wine ages and the tiny bubbles are formed, an elegant wine of great poise evolves.

Traditionally, fine Rosé Sparkling wines and Champagnes have been made in very small quantities (and ours is no exception). Often they are produced for a specific customer group or a few restaurants that have a fondness for the salmon-hued wine. In fact, one of our early winery visitors who loved Rosé Sparkling was the impetus for our own Rosé.

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