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Creating the Best Wines Through Healthy Land, Wines, and People

Domaine Carneros farms 5 ranches in the Carneros AVA, and all of them are within 4 miles of the Chateau. Our Estate Vineyards now total 350 acres, 225 acres devoted to Pinot noir and 125 acres planted with Chardonnay. We are Winegrowers dedicated to crafting wine that expresses our unique Carneros Terroir.

Fish Friendly Farming

Since the beginning, Domaine Carneros has pushed the sustainability envelope to ensure we live as lightly on the land as possible while producing great grapes and wine. These efforts include our owl boxes providing natural solution for rodent management, in addition to using grape pomace from harvest to feed local cattle.

Fish Friendly Farming 2015 Certified

Solar Panels

In 2003, the largest solar collection system of any winery in the world was installed - the system has captured enough electricity to power 230 homes for a year and we utilize skylights to help minimize the use of electric lights.

Napa Valley Certified Winery

Building into the earth and night cooling systems maintain cellar temperatures naturally.

We compost and recycle bottles, corks, foils, cardboard, paper, plastic wrap and more throughout the entire winery.

Napa Green Certified Winery in 2014

Napa Valley Certified Land

Our focus is always conserving water by incorporating low flow toilets and reclamation systems.

Napa Green Certified Land in 2015

Sustainable Winegrowing

Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing in 2015