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Amplify your upcoming celebrations with large format wines! Here's three reasons why big bottles make every celebration more special.

3 Reasons Why...

1. Big bottles truly make a statement

Their generous size lends a sense of grandeur to your table and makes your guests feel extra special!

2. Big bottles create a greater sense of connection

Being able to pour for all of your guests from a single bottle creates a communal spirit. It's also fun for guests to sign the bottle with a metallic permanent marker as a memento of the occasion.

3. Big bottles age beautifully, making them an excellent gift for any wine lover

More wine in a larger vessel ages better than a standard 750ml bottle. Since the wine ages more slowly, it can achieve even greater complexity over time.

Chill It Out

The larger the sparkling bottle, the longer it takes to chill so you will definitely want to prepare ahead of the corking! Chilling in an ice bath is preferred since it gently and consistently drops the temperature of the wine. If you use the refrigerator, add 2+ hours to these time estimates, and select a portion of the fridge that maintains a cold temperature.

Magnum (1.5 L)
The best way to chill your sparkling magnum is to place it in a large bucket of ice for about 2 hours. If you need to hurry things along, we recommend using a lot of ice, plenty of rock salt, and add a little water.

Jeroboam (3L)
Recommended chilling procedures for a Jeroboam is 24 to 26 hours in a large cooler with ice.

Methuselah (6L)
Get out the biggest cooler around for this even larger format! The recommended chilling is 72 hours in your largest cooler.

Two glasses clinking

Grab Your Glassware

Magnum (1.5L)
A magnum is equivalent to 2 750ml bottles and 12 glasses

Jeroboam (3L)
A Jeroboam is equivalent to 4 750ml bottles and 24 glasses

Methuselah (6L)
A Methuselah is equivalent to 8 750ml bottles and 48 glasses

Pop the Cork!

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