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  • table set with brunch items and wine

As we all slowly get back to hosting friends and family this season, why not host a rosé brunch that’s equal parts festive, fancy, and fun?! Since rosé makes us happy, and bubbles make things better, here are four ideas to ensure your next brunch is a hit!

Flower arranging

1. Create the Perfect Summer Centerpiece

Set the scene with your finest wares and include lots of flowers. Of course, welcoming your guests with the pop of a cork ensures a memorable celebration! Get inspired with these floral arranging tips from Juniper Lane Floral Design in Sonoma.

Tip #1: The hallmark of a garden style arrangement is that it isn’t too formal or perfectly done–think casual but elegant. Start with using whatever might be growing in your own yard as inspiration. Herbs such as mint, rosemary or basil make wonderful greenery and smell amazing. You can always add in flowers sourced at your local grocery store if needed. Some of my favorites flowers to include in a summer arrangement are zinnias, dahlias, cosmos, marigolds or sunflowers.

Tip #2: Almost anything can be used as a vase, so keep it simple and use whatever you have on hand, whether it be mason jars, glass drinkware, vintage bottles or ceramic pots. Once you select a vessel, freshly cut each stem and remove any leaves that will fall below the water line. This will help to keep the water clean of bacteria that can shorten the vase life of the bouquet.

Tip #3: Cut and display stems at varying heights to create depth and interest in your arrangement, and to mimic the natural way they grow. Tuck a few blooms deep in the center with a few others jutting out at different heights. Be sure the overall height of the arrangement allows guests to see one another across the table.

Tip #4: If composing a grand centerpiece feels intimidating, arrange several small petite vases or jars displayed along the length of the table to create a floral table runner. Grouping together flowers of a single color or variety can make a big impact.

Peach & Strawberry Shortcake

2. Whip Up a Seasonal Classic: Peach & Strawberry Shortcake

This delicious recipe from Chef and Food Stylist Ashton Keefe is the perfect garden party dessert! Ripe, in-season fruit blesses us with its natural sweetness and complements the wild strawberry and peach notes of our Brut Rosé. Get the recipe here.

Sorbet Rosé Floats

3. Create a Signature Cocktail: Sorbet Sparkling Rosé Float

Sorbet Rosé Floats are half elegant cocktail and half delicious dessert. Using sparkling rosé makes these floats extra fruity and refreshing. While most floats call for ice cream, we think sorbet makes these light and extra fruity.

Speaking of sorbet… Our friends at the fabulous Humphry Slocombe inventive ice-creamery have said “Yes Way, Rosé” by reprising their wildly popular Rosé All Day Sherbet in time for National Rosé Day. With our Brut Rosé base wine as the key ingredient, this unique, refreshing sorbet is available at all Bay Area Humphry Slocombe shops, by the pint here at the Château starting June 1, and available to ship nationally on

ice bucket of Rosé

4. Have Plenty of Rosé on Hand

The wine is obviously the most crucial component to your Rosé Brunch and our Brut Rosé is the perfect California sparkling wine to showcase. Rosé wines are often believed to be made only from Pinot Noir, but the best, including ours, have Chardonnay added for structure. The latest vintage of our beloved Brut Rosé has notes of freshly cut peaches, white cherries and a hint of pie crust.