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Caviar is a simple luxury in life that can enrich any gathering or food and wine experience. These helpful tips in partnership with Tsar Nicoulai, a Wilton, California based company will elevate your next caviar soirée.

How to Serve Caviar

Caviar should be kept ice cold, between 30 - 34ºF. Opened/unsealed caviar should ideally be consumed immediately. Any remaining may be rechilled and enjoyed the next day.

The type of spoon you use to serve the caviar affects the initial taste as it hits your tongue. The traditional caviar spoon to enjoy your caviar should be made of mother of pearl, bone, or shell. Avoid any metal spoons as the eggs will absorb the metallic flavors through their membrane.

How to Eat Caviar

First, we must review the basics. Yes, caviar can be eaten by itself but there are other ways to savor the experience such as the following:

Treat caviar like a fine wine. On its own, roll the eggs around your mouth to savor the rich flavor and unique texture. However you partake of this delicacy, there is no wrong way to savor each bite.

Gourmet potato chips or blinis are the perfect base to serve your caviar. The salty flavors compliment nicely in each bite and become even more indulgent with a dallop of crème fraiche, for a nutty flavor and tart finish.

caviar and wine pairing

Caviar and Sparkling Pairings

Classic Caviar: a complex flavor noted for its briny finish. Pair with our Estate Brut for a balanced and elegant pairing.

Estate Caviar: a rich, clean and earthy flavor with deep brown to black medium sized beads. The creamy nutty finish pairs nicely with a glass of our Ultra Brut.

Crown Jewel: With large, silver and gold flecked beads, Crown Jewel is the rarest of Tsar Nicoulai’s collection. The buttery and creamy flavor has a rich and decadent finish. Paired best with our Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs.

Ready for your next caviar occasion? Order our classic or deluxe caviar set that includes 16 pieces of pre-made blini, crème fraiche, and a mother of pearl spoon for the ultimate pairing experience.