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  • Decorated table for dining

Take the party outside and discover our tips for hosting the perfect al-fresco gathering!

Strawberry Sherbet with Sparkling Wine

Plan a simple, seasonal menu

Shop at your local Farmer's Market and let the freshest ingredients inspire your menu. Pre-set simple starters like nuts, dips with crudités, and artisanal cheeses. Keep dessert light and lively with this recipe for Strawberry Sherbet with Sparkling Wine.

Table with Estate Brut and flowers

Set a magical mood

A generous scattering of beautiful votive candles creates a lovely tablescape. Intermingle freshly cut flowers with fresh herbs in small low vases, or simply scatter them around the table. Bistro lights in the trees are always enchanting!

Pouring sparkling wine into glass

Greet your guests with a glass

Welcome your guests with a refreshing, perfectly chilled glass of your favorite sparkling wine. Add a Griottines cherry and a bit of syrup to create a simple sparkling cocktail. Once everyone has a glass in hand, take one in your own, relax and celebrate!

Our favorite bubbly to start the party with- crisp, bright and refreshing 2016 Ultra Brut

The best entertaining advice...

Always remember: The most impressive thing you can give your guests is your attention. Preparing an elegant, no-fuss affair allows you to focus on the moment rather than the maintenance.

-Eileen Crane, Founding Winemaker

Ice Bucket of Sparkling wine

Pop the Cork