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  • Kristen Guiducci, Controller

We all have those special women in our life who inspire us to be better, aim higher, and sparkle brighter. On International Women’s Day, these women of Domaine Carneros share their inspirations…

Meet Kristen Guiducci, Controller

It’s interesting who you look up to as you get older. I recently watched a documentary on Dolly Parton which really moved me. She had so many characteristics I admire in a person: confidence, honesty, independence, warm personality, savvy, no drama, humanitarian/generosity and dedication to her craft. She doesn’t care what people think of her and stands firm to what she believes. I was instantly in love with her! She was no longer just a stage presence of rhinestones and fancy wigs, but a bold and fearless woman!

Another woman who has been my rock is my mother. She always pushed me to do better, lifted me up when I was down and told me to never give up on what I wanted. She is my biggest cheerleader!

Words of inspiration/wisdom: “Never judge a book by its cover….” Take the time to listen to people and learn more. Get curious. Try on that dress on the rack. Try something new on the menu. You never know what you’ll discover and learn!