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  • Remi Cohen, CEO

We all have those special women in our life who inspire us to be better, aim higher, and sparkle brighter. On International Women’s Day, these women of Domaine Carneros share their inspirations…

Meet Remi Cohen, CEO

I am inspired by women who are successful while being genuine. In the wine industry, I admire women like Heidi Barrett, Helen Keplinger, Mia Klein, and our very own Eileen Crane! In the world of celebrities, I have always appreciated Gwen Stefani and Kate Hudson who seem very authentic and independently individualistic despite being in the public eye, and they also have a creative and entrepreneurial spirit that goes beyond their roles as a musician or actress. And more than anyone, I appreciate my mom who is unique and confident in being herself.

Words of inspiration or wisdom I would share with other women are "Be true to yourself- know your value, you are worth it!"