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  • Bowl of popcorn with bottle of rose and flutes

Treat your Valentine or Galentine to a cozy February evening at home. We’ve got the ultimate movie and sparkling wine matches — along with our exclusive popcorn pairings. Pop the corn, pop the cork, and hit play!

A Toast to Classic Romance!

The Notebook - “I want all of you, forever, every day.” Cue the swooning and our 2017 Late Disgorged Brut. Extended aging of this classic sparkling rewards with power and depth… and a finish that seems to go on forever… like Noah and Allie’s love.

Southern Charm Popcorn is a balanced, flavorful match: Mix 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1/2 tsp Cajun spice, and a pinch of salt. Drizzle 2 tbsp melted butter over 8 cups of popcorn. Toss with the sugar-spice mix.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s - “I’m just CRAZY about Tiffany’s!” Raise a glass to the elegance and charm of Holly Golightly with 2016 Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs, sophisticated and timeless.

Because only the best will do, indulge in our decadent Truffled Popcorn: Drizzle 2 tbsp truffle oil and sprinkle 1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese over 8 cups popcorn. Salt to taste.

Cheers to Rom Coms!

When Harry Met Sally - “I’ll have what she’s having.” This Rom Com staple is as bright and lively as our 2019 Blanc de Blancs. With playful aromatics, focused fruit, and wonderful structure, it’s as effervescent as Sally’s... um, enthusiasm.

NYC Deli Popcorn is the next-best thing to a pastrami on rye: Mix 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp smoked paprika, and salt to taste. Toss with 8 cups of popcorn and 2 tbsp melted butter.

Bridget Jones’s Diary - “I like you very much. Just as you are.” Revel in Bridget’s awkward, amorous escapades with our 2019 Brut Rosé. This fruity, floral sip pairs perfectly with Bridget’s lovable imperfections.

Blushing Pink Popcorn is irresistible: Mix 1 tbsp powdered sugar and 1/2 tsp powdered freeze-dried raspberries. Toss with 8 cups popcorn and 2 tbsp melted butter. Salt to taste.

Viva la Friendship!

Thelma & Louise - “Let’s keep going!” Share a bottle of our 2018 Ultra Brut with your ride-or-die. Its brisk, bone-dry style is an ideal match with the kind of friendship that takes a walk on the wild side.

Road Trip Popcorn is a zesty match with the adventure: Mix 1 tsp BBQ seasoning and 1/4 tsp lime zest. Toss with 8 cups popcorn and 2 tbsp melted butter. Salt to taste.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - “To us. Who we were, and who we are. And who we’ll be.” Savor the sweet moments of this heartwarming flick with our 2019 Verméil Demi-Sec. Luscious flavors evoke notes of nectarine, honeycomb, lemon angel food cake, and ginger.

Honey Lemon Lavender Popcorn is a light, semi-sweet delight: Mix 2 tbsp warm honey with 1 tsp lemon zest and a pinch of dried lavender. Drizzle over 8 cups of popcorn. Salt to taste.

Audrey Hepburn in the Perfect Little Black Dress

While on the cinematic theme, we recall how our Founding Winemaker, Eileen Crane, described her winemaking style: “It’s like Audrey Hepburn in the perfect little black dress. It’s not just a black dress—it’s a perfectly-lined black dress, with the perfect strand of pearls, the wrap, the whole thing. It’s not fancy, it’s not overdone. …. I make wines that you need to pay attention to.”

Sending Love & Bubbles

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