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Celebrate National Oyster Day with your favorite sparkling wine from Domaine Carneros! Whether you're looking to Host a Sparkling Oyster Party or want tips on best pairings, we've got you covered.

We've partnered with The Oyster Girls, sisters Aluxa and Jazmine, who have been serving up their own brand of shucking, entertainment, and education at private parties in Northern California for over 15 years. We invited Aluxa to share her insider tips for hosting a Sparkling Oyster Party at home:

1) Mix and match. Serve more than one type of oyster—two species or a single species from two different regions—to compare, contrast, and create conversation. Feature two or more dosage styles of sparkling wine so your guests can discover their perfect match.

2) Freshness is key. Oysters must be consumed within two days of being harvested. A fresh oyster should be tightly shut or should shut when tapped. Once opened, the oyster should smell like seaweed and ocean breezes and nothing more.

3) Serve a sauce. Mignonette sauce helps cut the brine of the oyster and adds a layer of flavor. A sparkling wine-based mignonette creates a flavor bridge between the oyster and the wine.

4) Consider a cooked option. Not every guest might want their oyster raw; cooking lends firmness to a creamier summer oyster, and what’s not good with garlic and butter? Heat butter, garlic, and a splash of wine over medium-low heat. Add shucked oysters and cook for approximately two minutes on each side, just long enough for them to curl at the edges. Serve in the half shell or serve on a platter with toothpicks.

5) Plan your portions. Anticipate approximately six oysters per person. If you’re shucking for a crowd, bring in the Oyster Girls!

oysters and lemon juice

An Oyster for Every Palate

Oysters don’t have to be intimidating. Follow The Oyster Girls’ expert tips on selecting and enjoying them.

When introducing someone to oysters, Aluxa asks “What would you rather eat, ice cream or potato chips?” If the answer is potato chips, she knows she has “half their soul in my pocket” as those who prefer salt will be drawn to the briny nature of oysters. If the answer is ice cream, she knows that a sweeter oyster, such as those from Washington, will best satisfy their sweet-tooth palate.

“Just like wine, it is up to the individual palate to interpret
and decipher the flavors they are experiencing” –Aluxa, The Oyster Girls

Those who are uneasy about large oysters should look for Kumamoto oysters which tend to be smaller and more approachable. Some people think an oyster should be swallowed whole. However, chewing them is the best way to release the flavors, and it may be more pleasant to swallow.

Your best bet? Oysters and sparkling wine are a match made in heaven! Shop our delicious sparkling wines and find your next favorite oyster and sparkling pairing today. Cheers!