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  • Le Reve and Lobster

Our Le Rêve & Lobster wine club event is the perennial highlight of summer at Domaine Carneros! If you are unable to join us at the Château this year, recreate this grand celebration at home. We asked our Events Manager, Liane, to share some tips for hosting a lavish lobster boil, while popping the cork on a few of our summertime favorites: Ultra Brut, Le Rêve, and Verméil Demi-Sec.

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Set the table with lobster and Le Reve

Set the stage

Thoughtfully portion out the bounty of the lobster boil– lobster, potato, corn and sausage at every place setting instead of the traditional communal presentation in the center of the table. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Erin, highly recommends ordering from McCloons Lobster Shack through Goldbelly. Their award-winning live 2-pound lobsters ship directly from their dock to your door!

Supply your guests with a sturdy bib to protect their clothing and, after the feast, a warm damp finger towel to clean their hands. In addition to a standard lineup of cutlery, set each place with a sturdy steel lobster cracker and pick to ensure they can mine every last succulent morsel from the shell.

Don’t overlook the condiments! High-quality melted butter is a must, and at our Le Rêve & Lobster events we also offer Louisiana hot sauce and Old Bay seasoning to suit every palate.

Le reve table

Cue the feast

Elegant passed hors d’oeuvres instantly elevate your evening. Our smoked salmon rolls and shrimp spring rolls are a crowd favorite, year after year. Our dry Ultra Brut is the perfect aperitif—crisp and impeccably balanced—to match with your seafood starters.

Orchestrate a dramatic transition to the main event. Welcome your guests to the dining table with pre-poured flutes of Le Rêve on a beautifully dressed service table or tray. Guests can then sit down, raise glasses for a toast, and immediately commence the feasting. The delicate yet full mouthfeel of our Le Rêve is the perfect pairing for rich lobster meat drenched in melted butter.

Blueberry pie

Create a grand finale

Our founding winemaker, Eileen Crane likes to quip that she hails from “the great winemaking state of New Jersey.” Perhaps that’s where she acquired her love of Blueberry Pie, a requisite dessert to end your decadent Le Reve & Lobster evening. Our Verméil Demi-Sec lends just enough sweetness to seamlessly meld with rich, tart blueberry pie.