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  • Floral ice Cubes

Add some beauty to your ice bucket with floral ice cubes! Follow these simple steps to make floral ice cubes.

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  • 1 Dozen roses (or an edible flower of your choice)
  • 2" square silicone ice cube trays
  • 5 cups distilled water

Prep Time | 20 minutes
Freeze Time | 3 Hours
Ready in | 3 hours 20 minutes


  1. Prepare your flower by removing the blossom from the stem.

  2. To suspend flowers in the cubes, work in layers. Fill the ice cube tray 1/4 of the way full with the prepared water. Place the blossom facing down into each compartment of the tray.

  3. Place in the freezer and allow them to freeze completely.

  4. Add more water to fil halfway and freeze completely. Add water to fill and freeze again.

  5. When your cubes are ready, add them to your ice bucket and fill with your favorite bottles of Domaine Carneros Sparkling Wine!