Bouquet de Rosé

As rare as true love, our three beautiful Brut Rosés can only be found together just once a year. So celebrate the shared appearance of these blushing beauties with this extraordinary trio: one bottle each of our winery exclusive 2018 Brut Rosé, 2016 Late Disgorged Rosé, and 2016 Le Reve Rosé, presented in a gorgeous rose gold box. Just one hundred of these ephemeral treasures are available.

2018 Brut Rosé: A favorite among our enthusiasts, this wine expresses great balance while emphasizing fruity and floral characteristics. Rosé wines are often believed to be made only from Pinot Noir, but the best, including ours, have Chardonnay added for structure. The latest vintage of our beloved Brut Rosé entices with luscious notes of rose petal, honeysuckle, and grilled peaches.

2016 Late Disgorged Rosé: The beauty of our methóde traditionnelle wines is that the longer they age the more harmonious and elegant they become. This Rosé from 2016 vintage is labeled as LATE DISGORGED because it is held back for an additional two years for a total of five years resting on the lees (aka “sur lie”). Our eleventh vintage of this rare rosé has achieved a creaminess and complexity that can only come with time. A captivating perfume of strawberry, raspberry, mandarin, dried rose petals, and baked peaches leads to lustrous layers of apricots, peach preserves, toasted almonds, with a hint of honey on the silky, lingering finish. Rich and expansive while delicate and poised, it showcases its pedigree and patient cellaring, sip after beautiful sip.

2016 Le Reve Rosé: Our glamorous tête de cuvée rosé is a masterful expression of vintage composed of our finest blocks of estate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The alluring nose brims with a bouquet of roses, cherry reduction sauce, orangesicle, and ginger. This is a stunning wine that drinks beautifully now but will age gracefully for those with the patience to wait.

Rosé sparkling wine in a gold ice bucket with three flutes of wine next to it

Daily Toast

The mere popping of a cork instantly creates a celebration!
—Eileen Crane, Founding Winemaker