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California Sparkling Wine

And why it isn't called "Champagne"

Domaine Carneros sparkling wines are from the classic grape varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and they're crafted using the classic méthode traditionnelle. So, why don't we call our sparkling wines "Carneros Champagne?"

Despite widespread misuse of the term, Champagne is the name of a region in France where sparkling wine was produced early on and became famous. Unlike some other U.S. wineries, Domaine Carneros honors Champagne's exclusive right to the term. (Looking for sparkling wine in Spain? Ask for "Cava." Touring Italy? Look for "Spumante.")

We take great pride in our own world-class winegrowing region and do not need to

"borrow" the name of Champagne. Hard-earned legislation dictates that wines bearing the name "Napa Valley" are made exclusively from grapes grown in Napa Valley, and those bearing the names of true appellation such as "Carneros" are made exclusively from grapes grown in Carneros as are other appellation bearing wines, Napa Valley for instance makes wines from Napa Valley grapes.

As a consumer, you can trust that sparkling wines bearing the Domaine Carneros label are crafted exclusively from grapes grown in Carneros (some on the Napa Valley side, others on the Sonoma side) using the exacting méthode traditionnelle technique.

Learn more about méthode traditionnelle.